1. What makes BIBA stand out?
  • BIBA is an international bilingual school with over 12years’ experience. BIBA is well known and continually recommended by both local and international families. We appreciate our current parents’ trust and support and are always delighted to meet new and expectant parents of our school.
  • BIBA’s bilingual program combines the traditional Chinese education with rigor and grit, and the western education with innovation and creation.
  • BIBA has received the IB DP authorization and WASC accreditation, which represent the international standard, which includes philosophy, curriculum, faculty and facilities.
  • BIBA is a member of both ACAMIS and ISAC, which provides our students and staff more opportunities to participate in conferences, tournaments and competitions.
  • Collection of books: ECC Library: 20000, ES Library: 30000 and MS/HS Library: 15000 books.
  • As well as general classes, BIBA also offers numerous specialist classes, such as Mindfulness, Steam, Outdoor education and over 140 extra-curricular activities.
  • BIBA offers 22 different IB DP subjects for students to choose.
2.What curriculum does BIBA use?
  • Early Childhood Center uses our self-designed ECC curriculum;
  • Elementary School follows the American Common Core Standard and local Chinese Standard;
  • Middle School follows MYP
  • High School uses IGCSE for the first two years (9 & 10) and IB DP for the last two years (11 & 12).
3.When does the school year start?

Each school year starts middle of August.

4.How many semesters and what are the holidays?

Each school year has two semesters. The first semester is from mid-August until Chinese New Year. The second semester starts after Chinese New Year, until end of June. Our holidays include Christmas holiday, Chinese New Year, Spring Break, Summer Vacation and other local public holidays.

5.What are the school hours?

Monday to Friday 08:00 to 15:40, if the child joins ECA, pick up time is 16:50.

Only half day for all ECC 2 students during the first week of school.

6.What are the class sizes?

ECC 2-4: 18 students per class;

KG-G12: 22 students per class

7.How to place the students?

BIBA Students are placed in different classes each year, so that students will benefit the most with learning skills and befriending different people. We consider a number of factors while working on class placement, such as Language skills (both Chinese and English), gender, character and nationalities etc.

8.Where are the students from?

BIBA students are from more than 20 different countries, such as China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Indian, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, Australian, Italy, Macedonia, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Columbia, Norway, Netherland, Denmark, Pakistan, Philippine, Hong Kong and Taiwan etc.

9.Where are the international teachers from?

There are over 300 staff members at BIBA, including 139 international teachers. They are from over 27 countries, such as Canada, UK, USA, Netherland, France, Brazil, Chile, Hungary, Columbia, Indian, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong etc. BIBA’s international teachers are qualified and have educational experiences, they helped to build the true international environment.

10.Does BIBA have College Counselors that support High School students with their application process for university?

BIBA high school has IBDP teachers and College Counselors, they guide and support students with applying for universities. Our counselors will often invite admission officers from different universities to come to BIBA. In this way our students have more opportunity to know the universities from abroad.

11.Which Extra Curricular Activities does BIBA offer?

ECC: more than 30 activities, such as pottery, mad science, mini tennis, percussion, art and handcraft, Orff- music, drama, gymnastic, paper craft, junior science, ballet, cooking, creative art, soccer, Lego etc.

ES: more than 60 activities, such as Choir, golf, mad science, paper craft, swimming, tennis, chess, English learning, calligraphy, traditional Chinese, mine craft, theater, pottery, Guzheng, horse riding, magic, brainstorm, little author etc.

MS/HS: more than 20 activities, such as drama, electroacoustic, ensemble, rock band, jazz band, swimming, tennis, volleyball, basketball, Robert competition, chess, design and program etc.

12.What about BIBA Sport?

BIBA students are engaged in various sports during their PE classes. Being the member of the ACAMIS and ISAC, the school not only joins international tournaments, but is also be able to host for many sports competitions.

13.What are mainly the communication methods?

There are many different ways to communicate with the school, such as PTA, Morning Teas, Parent-Teacher conferences, monitored and controlled WeChat groups, Email and Parent Workshops.

14.How to apply for bus service?

Currently BIBA has 14 bus lines. Parents need to check the bus stop first and also if the seat is available. For more information about bus service, please see our website under “bus service”.

  • School bus service starting new school year: please submit the application and finish the payment by July 1st.
  • School bus service during school year: submit application 5 working days in advance. After receiving the confirmation finish the payment.
15.Application Process
  • Sign up online
  • Submit application document
  • Payment of application fee
  • Interview/Testing
  • Notice of Interview/Testing result
  • Payment of Tuition Fee
  • Finish the Health Check
16.What do you test during interview and testing?

ECC testing will be the observation while children are playing.

KG and above will test both English and Chinese language usage. Exact testing process will be different according to the grade level applied.

17.According to the testing result, parents will receive one of following emails.

Acceptance letter

Waiting list notification email

Rejection letter

18.Does BIBA accept applicants during school year?

At BIBA high school, our IBDP teachers and College Counselors working collaboratively to support our high school students during their College Application Process. We also invite college admission officers to BIBA so our students have the opportunity to meet with them face to face.

If space allows, BIBA accepts new students during the school year. The deadline for application is as follows:

ECC and ES: End of October for the 1st semester, end of February for the 2nd semester.

MS/HS: End of September for the 1st semester, end of February for the 2nd semester.

19.Is BIBA a boarding school?

For MS/HS students BIBA provides a boarding program. All students among Grade 6 to 12 can apply.

20.Does BIBA student have Chinese Student ID (Xue Ji)?

Students in Grade 1 to 9 have student ID. Starting high school students will use the IB for applying university abroad. We work based on the government policy, which is updated every year.

21.Is there any discount on the Tuition Fee?

If you have more than 2 children at BIBA at the same time, the school will offer sibling’s discount for the younger child. (More details please see “Tuition Fee” on our website.)


The focus of the MSHS testing will be the proficiency of students’ English and Chinese language, and it includes both a written test and an interview.

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