BIBA cafeterias’ overall operation and management is run by the world’s leading international catering and  facilities  management  service  company:  Sodexo, Sodexo is a Fortune 500 companies with extensive  background  in  catering and food  preparation,  whose facilities and service enjoy a high reputation in the catering industry.   Sodexo provides lunch and snacks for ECC, KG and grade 1-5 as well as lunch for MS & HS.

          BIBA  has  been  cooperating  with  Sodexo  catering company  to strive to provide students with safe, nutritious, and delicious meals. The cafeterias prepare a monthly menu, which is reviewed by our nutritionist to ensure that all meals are properly balanced on carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins and lipids. We are confident we can provide a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal for all students.

          The  carefully  selected  set menu  for  ECC/KG  students consis t of  both Chinese and Western dishes. We provide  a  mixed  menu of Western and  Chinese  dishes  on a daily basis to encourage our smaller students to enjoy lunch and experience new flavors.

          The traditional Chinese food and classical Western dishes are on offer for lunch every day in ES, MS & HS cafeterias. In addition, soup, fruits, salads and drinks are available. Our international  menu  offers  various and diverse choices. Students are free to choose what they’d like to eat.

          We also provide snacks for ECC & ES students. Snacks generally consist of fruits, desserts and drinks.

          The cafeterias organize a special food festival every month to help students learn more about food culture.

          However, this does not influence at all our ability to cater for special needs (e.g. allergies, religions, medical dietary needs).  We  have vast  experience  in  managing  these  kinds of situations.  Meals  for these students are usually reserved based on a parents’ request.

          We strive to provide our students with healthy food. Cafeterias do not use MSG, artificial flavors or coloring and we promote healthy cooking methods.

         If you have any query or suggestion about BIBA catering,

           please call at 8041 0390-8022.Or email to

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2019.03 ECC Breakfast Menu

2019.03 ECC Snack Menu

2019.03 ECC Lunch Menu


2019.03 BIBA KG Lunch Menu

2019.03 BIBA KG Snack Menu


2019.03 BIBA G1-G2 Lunch Menu

2019.03 BIBA G1-G2 Snack Menu

2019.03 BIBA G3-G5 Lunch Menu

2019.03 BIBA G3-G5 Snack Menu


2019.03 MS&HS Lunch Menu            

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