School Bus

BIBA has set up over 60 different stops between Wanjing and Shunyi. This offers our families who live in the city a safe and convenient way coming to school.

Catering Services

Sodexo and Eurest of Compass are on-site to provide lunch and snack services to our students and staff members.  Menu is changed every month to ensure a healthy and balanced diet as well as savory taste.

Uniform Office

Our uniform office is located in the 1st floor of the Upper Elementary School Building.
Office Hours:
Wednesday 8:15-9:15
Friday 14:30-15:30


School nurses are onsite during school hours to offer health services to our students.
To prevent infectious diseases spreading among our youngest students, there will be temperature check before entering into the ECC building.

Security Service

Our security guards are on-duty 24 by 7.  We have installed closed-circuit cameras to monitor our campus.  We will do our best to keep our campus safe and sound.

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