Over the past two weeks, Beijing International Bilingual Academy has operated an exhilarating Summer Camp for Elementary students KG – G5, with students from BIBA and other schools around China!

In our program, elementary students were encouraged to dream big and engage in a hands-on STEAM project to design and build an authentic product of their own design. Using a project-based learning approach to design thinking and novel engineering, students worked collaboratively with their peers to solve problems. Students problem solved like engineers, treating characters in the text as their clients. They identified problems, designed realistic solutions, all while reinforcing literacy skills. The program culminated in a Maker Faire exhibition where they celebrated their learning and shared their dreams with the parents. 

What’s STEAM?

S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, combining the separate disciplines into a comprehensive application-oriented curriculum. STEAM education is of great significance to children’s future in the face of new technologies. Many countries have always attached great importance to, and even have policy-based areas of study encouraging STEAM Education.

Features of BIBA STEAM Summer Program

• Facilitated by highly experienced STEAM teachers from High – Tech – High Elementary Chula Vista Campus, San Diego.

• Utilizing project-based learning (PBL) method which opens a new learning mode.

• Combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics into an interdisciplinary project, enhancing classroom knowledge while stimulating subject-area interest.

• Make new friends from home and abroad, broaden your horizons and kindle your future passions.

• Immersive English learning, establish new thinking patterns, master new technical terms.


STEAM Teachers 

STEAM specialists all the way from High-Tech High Elementary Chula Vista Campus in San Diego, where the renowned education documentary “Most Likely to Succeed” was filmed, BIBA was the first international school who had the opportunity to invite HTH teachers to facilitate this exciting Elementary STEAM program in Beijing!



Zoë Randall

Master of Education in Teacher Leadership from HTH GSE

K-5 Engineering and Design Teacher






Lacy Szuwalski

Master of Education in School Leadership from HTH GSE






STEAM Teachers Questions


1. What are the focal points and knowledge competencies that you teach during the STEAM Summer Program?

Students utilized the design thinking process to solve problems. They empathized with users and ideated solutions for their problems. They prototyped their ideas and tested them by receiving feedback from their peers. They redesigned their solutions based on their feedback. This camp developed improvement habits of mind in students. They practiced the importance of collaboration, persistence, conscientiousness, systems thinking, optimism, and creativity.


2. What do you think the students gain from participating in the BIBA STEAM Summer Program?

Students built relationships with their peers by empathizing and participating in team building activities. They gained confidence in using habits of mind that can be applied to their daily lives. Students were able to gain STEAM concepts that will help them better understand the world around them.

At High Tech Elementary Chula Vista, the curriculum is based on the HTH design principles of common intellectual mission, adult world connection, and personalization. Teachers, as curriculum designers, strive to create innovative project-based learning experiences that will engage the diverse group of students in complex, adult world projects through which they will develop and apply skills and knowledge. HTeCV students engage with the world around them by creating projects that help them explore content area topics, and develop skills to apply their new knowledge. Students and teachers together develop personal qualities such as integrity, confidence, empathy, curiosity and reflection. HTeCV students also take exploratory classes in Performing Arts, Engineering, and Visual Arts through out the school year. All of the students participate in multiple Exhibition Nights across the year, where they demonstrate their learning to the community. All HTeCV classrooms are fully inclusive, as our goal is that all students reach their potential.

Our STEAM Students Share:

* “My favourite part was the prototypes! We got to make things and help the characters from the book with their problems.”

* “You need to try and try at all things, and you need to be careful of ducklings.”

* “I loved the process of design and creation, and I loved all the fun toys we got to play with!” 

At BIBA we pride ourselves with continuing the mission to provide education through love and happiness, whilst going above and beyond to provide our students with new opportunities, challenges and experiences. This is achieved through our unique international and bilingual environment! Stay tuned, for our next camp in the school holidays!