BIBA Winter Concerts Bring Joy

BIBA Winter Concerts Bring Joy

On December 8th our littlest leopards of BIBA performed their delightful Winter Concert! Bringing pure joy and happiness to each audience members’ heart. Watching our ECC students sing and dance to the happiest of Christmas songs, incorporated with little snowmen and snowflakes truly made the cold winter feel warm! Santa Claus and Jingle Bells were crowd favorites, as it is not too long until Christmas is officially here!

Our ECC students are the cutest bundles of joy at BIBA; their Winter Concert brought laughter, cheerfulness and complete proudness to all teachers and parents. Being able to watch the students perform at such a young age, expressing their talents and watching them just have fun, is truly special. The ECC concert was amazing, and really set an excitement for the next two Winter Concerts ahead at BIBA!

December 14th, Middle and High School students supported and accompanied by MSHS Teachers put on a spectacular Winter Concert! Bursting with enthusiasm, Middle High School presented a phenomenal show, with musical numbers of singing and spectacular instrumental arrangements. It was excellent to see our older students express themselves creatively through music! The audience was most impressed with the level of effort and artistic ability shown by BIBA MSHS! The Winter Concert was a lovely evening that provided an insight to the level of talent the students of MSHS truly have.

Showcasing the talents of individual students, the night featured a program design from BIBA students as well as original student compositions. With a variety of performance modes, styles, and genre, the concert took some direction from more classical music as well as modern rock and jazz. Everyone in the crowd found something to enjoy!

December 15th, Elementary Students from KG – G5 presented an incredible Winter Concert! What a show it was with over 2000 parents attending! Our BIBA Gymnasium transformed into a concert arena, where every student of Elementary performed presenting musical numbers of singing, dancing, acting and playing of instruments to an audience filled with amazed parents, teachers and BIBA community members who were impressed by what a show BIBA Elementary put on! Christmas spirit was intertwined throughout the whole performance, with KG students singing and dancing to “Jingle Bells” and Grade 3 telling us that they, “Want to be an Elf!”. It was wonderful to also have our whole BIBA family involved as Tianjin International Bilingual Academy, TIBA also participated in the Winter Concert, performing their “Reindeer Pokey!” Our Elementary Winter Concert was a beautiful way to finish school before the holiday break.

BIBA wishes every member of the BIBA community Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May all students, staff and teachers have a well-deserved break and enjoy this time shared with family and friends. What an incredible first half of the school year BIBA has had. This year’s motto of, “Dream Big BIBA” has been ingrained within every member of the BIBA community through daily activity as we continue to Dream Big in all aspects of BIBA life!