BIBA Students Win Gold at WSC

BIBA Students Win Gold at WSC

This summer in Hanoi, Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA) students showed their prowess: three students were awarded Scholar’s bowl gold medal, with one student,Apple Sun, awarded the gold medal in cooperative writing, best debater, and best scholar.

BIBA students took part in the 2017 World Scholar’s Cup as once again, the curtain opened for this global competition. During the competition, students from the BIBA team competed with school spirit proudly exhibiting the 4R’s of BIBA, responsibility, respect, rigor, and relationships. In Beijing and Shenzhen, the students achieved very fruitful results in debates and collaborative writing, of which, four teams and a total of 12 students successfully made the cut and won first prize as a team. Now, students move on to the Global Round of competition with students competing in Hanoi, Vietnam in June. 

They used their talent and hard work to win praise and applause on the world stage, a testament to the fruit of BIBA’s education. In August, students will travel to Cape Town, South Africa, to participate in the global competition. The ultimate goal is to compete in The Tournament of Champions held at Yale University in the USA.

This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and discover/learn new debate skills from our opponents and learn from the mistake that we’ve made. Even though we didn’t make it through the global round (to Yale), it is not a shame at all because that we’ve got a gold medal for scholar’s bowl and we were number 20 out of nearly 300 teams! We had new experiences since this is our first year of WSC too, and we also have our first time here in an auditorium so big that it fits nearly 4000 people. The greatest thing about WSC is that we learn while we enjoy and play. I’ll keep trying WSC till I’ve reached my goal which is Yale. I love WSC and this is the program that every student is looking for.——Jason He






The World Scholars Cup is a very socializing event. You always get to meet new people here. And aside from the educational activities, there are events designed for you to have fun in learning. I personally love this program; it’s run by so many nice people.  There are interesting events such as the scavenger hunt, the cultural fair, the scholars show, the ball/party. I loved them all. But my favorite educational event will have to be the scholars bowl. In this event, each team uses a clicker to answer questions on screen. It’s just so exciting and fun. They try to make the event even more fun by adding weird rounds and fun challenges. After this event, I also became much more confident in this process, I dared to debate with an actual audience and against people from different places. Sometimes our team might stumble a little, but we learned how to quickly get back up and continue debating. I think my biggest improvement was my confidence. I really enjoyed my five days at the event and would definitely encourage more people to join this program. ——Rose Liu

We hope that in the road ahead, no matter in which country they live, no matter the color of their passport, each BIBA student can gracefully stand before the people of the world, confidently display their cultural heritage and international-mindedness, and in fluent English, tell their story to the world.