Enrich the BIBA experience for students, staff and families by:

  • connecting BIBA parents to form a vibrant parent community;
  • building relationships among teachers and parents through structured programs;
  • organizing and supporting school functions.


       Strengthen BIBA community through organizing Parent Workshops:

  • Academic – School initiated monthly workshops, topics so far “Who We Are and What We Do”, “Teenage Brain”, “Writing Workshop”, “Reading Workshop”, “How to Help your Children Learn more Effectively”, “Higher Order Thinking”
  • Parent-Helping-Parent (PHP) Workshops
  • Outside Specialist – Child Safety, Family Education, Outreach programs, Children Health etc.


                I  encourage everyone to think about parents having  an active and  important role in making BIBA  a

       richer  experience  for  students.   In  the  time that  I’ve served with PTA and the interactions  I’ve  had  with

       parents,  I see an incredible amount of talent, energy and resources. I truly believe that  if we work  together

       with  the  mindset  of  serving  the  school  and  our students,  we  can greatly enhance the overall quality of

       experience for  our own children at BIBA, and in the process making BIBA an even better institution!