BIBA  always  focuses  on  offering  a  quality  learning  environment for our students.   Thus,   BIBA has obtained

various accreditations to ensure our curriculum,  staff members,  students and facilities are up to  the standards.

The  accreditation  process  has ensured  us  that  all the areas of school operation are being reviewed and have

reached the benchmark set forth by these world-renowned organizations. They include but are not limited to teaching

philosophy, administration process, curriculum development, teaching and learning, and facilities.


i1             Established  in  1968,   The  International Baccalaureate  Organization (IBO),    is

             an international   educational   foundation   headquartered  in  Geneva,  

            Switzerland. The   Diploma   Program  (DP)  was the  first  program  offered  by  

            the  IBO  and  is recognized   and   respected  by  the  world’s  leading  universities.  

            There are now over  2,795  schools   offering  the  DP  in  143  different countries

                                                 worldwide. BIBA is authorized to offer IBDP from G11-G12.




i3BIBA  is  authorized  to  offer  Cambridge  IGCSE  forto  G9-G10  students.  IGCSE  is

recognized   by    leading   universities   and   employers   worldwide, and  is  an

international passport to progression and success. Developed over 25  years  ago,

                                                   it is tried, tested and trusted by schools worldwide.




                BIBA is authorized to offer The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)

                for its Grade 6-8 students. IMYC is a challenging, engaging, internationally-

                minded, concept-focused curriculum  designed  specifically for the unique

                learning needs  for adolescent brain. The  IMYC  inspires  and engages  students,  

                enriching their  learning experience






                  BIBA is an accredited school of The Accrediting Commission for Schools,

                Western Association  of  Schools  and   Colleges  (ACS   WASC)  which is  one

                  of  six  regional  accrediting associations in the United States.The ACS WASC

                  accreditation process  fosters excellence in elementary, secondary, and adult

                 education by encouraging  school   improvement.  WASC  accreditation  

                                                       recognizes  schools  that  meet  an acceptable level of quality, in accordance

                                                      with established, research-based WASC criteria.



     Being a member of these organizations, BIBA is able to participate in the conferences, competition events and

     training offered by them.  These extended activities will  further  expand the horizon of our students, staff, and

     ultimately to the whole BIBA Community.