Prof. Gu Mingyuan

Senior Professor of Beijing Normal University
Honorary President of The Chinese Society of Education
Councilor of EduChina Group

Prof. Tian Huisheng

Director, Center on Curriculum and Textbook Development of Basic Education,Ministry of Education

Dr. James Devaney

President,American Higher Development Corporation AHED

Prof. Tao Xiping

Honorary Principal, Beijing International Bilingual Academy
Vice Chairman, The United Nations Educational Association of UNESCO World Federation
Honorary Chairman, The Chinese Association for Non-Government Education

Prof. Mun C. Tsang

Director, Center on Chinese Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Prof. Wen Dongmao

President, School of Education, Perking University

Dr. Susan Sclafani

Honorary Principal, Beijing International Bilingual Academy
Former Deputy Minister, Department of Education, U.S.
Former Educational Counselor, United States, in OECD and APEC

Prof. Shi Zhongying

Direcotr of Education Department, Beijing Normal University

Prof. Zhang Lianzhong

China Basic Foreign Language Education Research & Training Center
Lead Expert, Development Group of National English Curriculum Standards, Ministry of Education