BIBA Academic Advisory Committee

Dr. K. C. Pang MH (彭敬慈) Expert in curriculum development and teacher development Formerly Vice-president of the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Curriculum Development Institute.

Jie Zhang Specialist in educational administration and curriculum instruction. Principal of Stuyvesant High School, formerly Principal of Queens High School for Sciences.

Robert Monson Expert in curriculum instruction and teacher development. Professor of Teachers College of Columbia University, formerly principal and superintendent in various schools.

David Huang Expert in bilingual education and curriculum instruction. Previously held positions in Singapore and China as Curriculum Coordinator and/or Principal.

Xiangbo Wang Expert in Elite Education and Bridging Programs. Vice President, Relationship Development, Asia Special Technical Advisor to President, College Board.

Wang Wei Expert in international and comparative education. President of Beijing International Bilingual Academy, Director of EduChina Group, Chinese Coordinator of the China Education Institute of Columbia University on ”Growing Educators” Project.